Open House Days at Bread & Roses

We’ve expanded the number of Open House Days here at the Nursery & Gardens for this spring.  Starting April 23rd through June 11th, we welcome all to join us between 10am~3pm to tour the Nursery & Gardens, chat with Jonas and Salem, and of course, purchase the plants you love and need!  Produce from Jonas and Salem’s farms will also be available, so don’t feel bad if you have to miss the Market to join us! B&R Nursery is located at 9127 S Roberts […]

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We must be doing something right

Recently at the Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District’s annual meeting, our own Salem Willard was awarded the 2015 Emerging Conservationist. It’s so wonderful to receive feedback from the Bloomington community that what we’ve been creating has truly been “The Good Work” as Jonas and I call it.  Over the past several years so many people who’ve come out to ‘Will Holler’, the Gardens and Nursery, have sang praises and gone home inspired.  I feel great joy in what we are doing […]

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Kiwi fruit

Hardy Kiwi Harvest

5 years ago I planted 4 hardy kiwi plants: 1 male and three Anna females.  The promises of fuzzless kiwi fruit the size of large grapes growing in Will Holler, Bloomington, IN, seemed like a dream.  This year’s harvest has been that and some. So far I have harvested approximately 16-17lbs, and that’s just scratching the surface!  The fruit is amazing, sweet, and slightly less acidic than their tropical relatives.  I ate easily more than a pint yesterday before my […]

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