The Cold Days of Fall

Winter is coming!

That’s right folks!  Cold weather has arrived and boy were we ready for it!  

As we begin to slow down and keep the fires going, I can’t help but to be so happy with our successes this year.  We ran our asses off keeping up with everything.  All the plants, all the projects, all the new landscapes, and certainly all the abundance permaculture based systems provide.  We are entering the winter more prepared for the next growing season than ever.  Next year will have big focus on spring plant sales (lots of annual veggies, our best selection of perennials yet, and another big ol’ bare root fruit and berry order).  We will also be taken on more new landscaping/design projects.   And don’t forget to check the site for updates about the bare root order (which the deadline is likely to be in February this year), workshops, and fun informational blog posts.  Winter is a great time to plan, research, and to reflect on all the things you’ve learned in the garden or on the farm this year.
Looking for design help?  Give us a shout!
We are quite interested in working with farmers who are interested in incorporating agroforestry practices in the their operations.  These type of agricultural practices provide larger scale operations to stack yields in space and time by planting fruit and nut bearing trees and shrubs in fields to provide grazing paddocks, animal and human food, shade, fuel wood and timber just to name a few.  Are you a vegetable grower?  How about alley cropping with fruits and berries to diversify your CSA baskets and the diversity of your operation?!  We have so much to offer farmers and want to work together to strengthen the local food economy.  I plan to do a feature on agroforestry practices in an upcoming blog post.


On a personal note, my girlfriend and badass veggie grower Rachel Beyer and I have started a small market garden for next year.  We are leasing a small plot out at May Creek Farm and will be focusing on everyday crops like onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, leeks, kale, and sweet potatoes!  We will be offering these crops in the fall of 2015.  Look for us at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market and maybe even an online buying system.  We want to get folks crops they can buy in bulk and store for winter.   Let us know if you have any ideas on how we can market best to provide for your home pantry and cellar needs.
 Stay tuned as we are planning to have a t-shirt design contest for the 2015 B&R work tee.
Looking for a good holiday gifts?  A B&R gift certificate can be a perfect gift for those gardeners in the family.
Well, off to Michigan Rachel and I head.  Salem is off to D.C. and then to Mexico.  Keep warm out there friends!
Enjoy the holiday,


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