Potted Fruits and Berries!

We are so happy to offer fruit trees this year!  We are also offering some quantity discounts on berries.  Check it!

Spring 2014 Potted Fruits and Berries

One thought on “Potted Fruits and Berries!

  1. Beverly Ohneck-Holly

    Hi. I On Friday, 5/11, I will be coming out with Sandy Drake, my gardener helper (she does the hard work but I’m not ready to mentally let go of that honor). I am interested in fruit trees, especially apple and peach. Do you have anything like the old Northern Spy apple trees?

    Also, do you have the perrenial Barrenwort (Epimedium)? It is an amazing, tho slo growing 5″ high ground cover, that has a beautiful white or yellow small flowers in spring, heart shaped leaves that turn red in fall. The most amazing qualities are that it grows well in deep dry shade. I had to leave it behind when I moved from town a couple years ago. I got the start years ago at the Lilly greenhouse on the Eli Lilly grounds in Indy.

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