Nifty Hoops

Last week Bread & Roses Nursery got to join our friends from Nifty Hoops in Ann Arbor, Michigan while they were down in the Bloomington area installing two greenhouses for local farmers.  It was a whirlwind tour, but in two days we constructed two greenhouses.  Each measured 30ft x 96ft and contained amazing features: twin-layer poly film to add extra winter protection, roll-up sides, thermostat-operated louvres (side vents), and one of the greenhouses had automatic roll-up sides controlled by a thermostat.

We’ve been lucky that founder/owner Jeff McCabe invited us to join on these recent builds in Indiana.  If all goes well, Bread & Roses will begin to install Nifty Hoops greenhouses in the Southern Indiana area starting in 2017.

Ample funding is available through local NRCS (National Resources Conservation Service) through your local/county branch of USDA which pays for the basic greenhouse or hoop house kit.  One of the biggest challenges Jeff identified is that farmers are then left with the burden of constructing the greenhouses on their own–on top of that, they must front the cost and cannot receive funding until the hoop houses are completely installed and inspected. That can create quite a burden on a farmer, whose daily chores already consist of so many things from weeding, to watering, harvest, to sales.  Jeff simplified the process, from design and fabrication, to installation, and in most cases Nifty Hoops constructs their greenhouses in less than 24 hrs!

We’re certainly excited to begin offering this service to our local farmers down here in the Bloomington area as well.  We’re hoping to strengthen our local food economy and support the people who work day in and out to supply us with fresh, nutritious produce!

But enough talk…here’s some photos from last week.  Please also check out the Nifty Hoops website for more amazing videos, photos, and testimonials.

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