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Education Packages

We offer a wide range of educational opportunities for groups or individuals.  These include: Basic Plant Propagation, Guild Planting & Design, Native/Wild Edible Plants, Growing Medicine at Home, Saving Seed, Alternative Energy Design, Homestead Design, Alleycropping, Silvopasture (raising animals within orchard setting), Applying Natural Patterns to Home Design, Permaculture Princples, Zone & Sector Analysis, Soil Care, Water Management, etc.  Our knowledge base is wide, so if there is a topic your are looking to explore let us know how we can help


Looking for some hands on learning opportunities?  Seasonally we offer workshops that will engage your mind and body.  Most workshops will take place at Bread and Roses Gardens the farmstead and home of Salem.  The farmstead is completely off grid and provides a playground for us permies!  Topics that are likely to be offer in the near future include: Terracing, Pond Building, Cob Construction, Mushroom Log Inoculation, Fruit Tree Grafting, and many more.  Check out or calendar and sign up for our monthly newsletter for information about upcoming events.