About Bread & Roses

Bread & Roses Nursery is Bloomington Indiana’s premier permaculture plant nursery and landscaping company.  Founders Salem Willard and Jonas Carpenter started the business in 2012.  Our mission is to help Bloomington and surrounding communities transition to a more sustainable and regenerative future. We do so by offering a wide array of edible and useful plants, as well as landscape consultation, design, and installation.

The majority of our work is geared towards promoting stronger biodiversity and increasing food production in home ecosystems.   Stronger biodiversity enhances the overall resiliency and habitat for all creatures including song birds and beneficial insects, while also creating beauty!  Increasing home food production offsets the need for imported produce, reduces carbon footprint, saves money, and tastes better!

Bread & Roses Nursery lives in Will Holler, near the Hardin Ridge Recreation Area just south of Lake Monroe.  This land is also home to Salem’s personal farmstead.  Here we propagate our nursery stock and manage an incredibly diverse landscape of over 500 varieties of perennial plants. The farm and nursery are completely off-grid and utilize rainwater for irrigation and solar panels for electricity.

Why choose Bread & Roses for your next plant purchase or landscaping project?

We are dedicated to following holistic practices and never use synthetic fertilizers or harsh chemicals.

We propagate almost all our our own stock through cuttings, seeds, or divisions.

We grow our plants in real soil which contain minerals, compost, and biological richness.

We are certified permaculture designers and teachers with years of practical, applied experience and knowledge.

We design landscapes that utilize all potential on-site resources and build in long term management strategies that reduce needed off-site inputs.

We are committed to supporting and collaborating with other local businesses.

We irrigate with captured rain water, so our plants are never exposed to any chemicals.

We test all plant selections on our own ground to be sure they are well suited for our region.

We are also organic farmers who know the ins and outs of maximizing food production.

We have years of consultation experience and have traveled around the United States and to places as far away as Japan and Tanzania, observing landscapes and helping others.

We care for the earth and ALL species.